About Me

As the Sr. Director and Head of People Analytics and Innovation at Zoominfo (ZI), I spearhead a team pioneering data-driven strategies in Human Capital and People Analytics to elevate organizational performance. Our work at ZI is not merely academic—it's about translating data into actionable insights that drive strategic decisions, optimizing workforce management, and ultimately bolstering the bottom line.

In an era where every advantage counts, People Analytics emerges as a critical tool for global organizations. Whether refining recruitment, streamlining performance evaluations, or calibrating compensation frameworks, this discipline empowers leaders with the data to make informed choices, mitigating risks associated with talent management.

Under my leadership, we're harnessing data to provide a nuanced understanding of the workforce, fostering environments that not only attract top talent but also unleash their potential. It's a testament to the power of People Analytics that today's market leaders incorporate it as a cornerstone of their strategy—and at ZI, we're at the forefront, helping to shape this narrative.

I hold a Ph.D. from Columbia University in Cognitive Science where I researched applications of machine learning methods to model human cognitive behavior and am a member of the Penn Center for Learning Analytics at the University of Pennsylvania. Additionally, I hold a Masters of Science in Learning Analytics from Teachers College -Columbia University, a Masters of Arts in Administration, Leadership, and Technology from New York University, and a Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences from Florida State University

You can read more about my research here. I'm socially active and can be reached on Linkedin or email.